VIDEO: 3300hp Turbo Dodge Viper Going Crazy On The Drag Strip! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

SOURCE: That Racing Channel

TRC caught up with NTH Moto at FL2K22 to see some of the world’s quickest and fastest Dodge Vipers do some ย drag and roll racing. The star of the show was a red turbo Viper GTS bumping out 3300hp making consistent 200mph passes. Watch the crazy acceleration on this boosted OG Snake!
“On this episode we’re back with NTH Moto, the home of the quickest and fastest vipers in the world! They hold records for Quickest and Fastest Viper in the 1/4 mile period, as well as quickest and fastest 1/4 mile Gen V Viper. We catch up with them at FL2K22, they brought an army of badass Vipers to have some fun competing in drag and roll racing. Enjoy!”

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